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Free tip !

  • Buying train tickets

    Don't forget, since June the 1st of 2011, all strangers need their passeport to book train tickets (and ID for Chinese people) !!

    Only 5 tickets can be booked at the same time, by the same person, holding 4 of his friends ID or passport...

    In China, buying train tickets can be a B***H... But don't worry, there is always an easy way :)


    The tickets cannot be booked like one month in advance. At the train ticket office, depending on which kind of train you take, it can be opened for sale from 10 to 4 days only, prior to departure ! It is also tricky (or impossible) to buy a train ticket if you are not in the departure town.


    Being understood at the office ticket is another thing also, but don't give up your turn to the pressing other passengers not queing, you are here to have the job done, and you have your China Little T(r)ip Flashcards with you !

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