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  • Mobile phones in China


    In China, you can buy a SIM card in every little street shop for 50/100 RMB with the common operators (China Mobile, China Unicom &China Telecom).


    Most of the time, you cannot suscribe to a monthly package, but only to "credit cards" to be refilled in all the street shops like 7 Eleven or Lawson. Unfortunatly, as you used all your credit, the phone is shut down for outcoming AND incoming calls !!


    If you bought you SIM card in Shanghai or Beijing for example, you won't be able to refill it easily while on trip in other provinces. Be smart and refill at least 200 RMB BEFORE you leave your home province !


    All the operators have good network all around China (China Mobile has the best network, though..) and they are only few places where you won't be able to call your friends for back-up :)

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